Bluegrass in The City!


Strum Fest PDX is not your Dad’s bluegrass festival. Located in the heart of Southeast Portland at various venues including the beautifully intimate Evergreen and hip new darling Strum Guitars, this festival will showcase a full day of live bluegrass music (both traditional and progressive), workshops for students of all ages and abilities, and a funky musical nightcap to finish off the evening. Featuring some of Portland’s finest bluegrass groups and nationally renowned acts, proceeds will benefit the award-winning arts program Ethos - which ensures music education is readily available to youth in underserved communities around Oregon. 


Since the beloved River City Bluegrass Festival’s departure in 2011 and the recent loss of live bluegrass at favorite haunts such as O’Connor’s and the Landmark Saloon, demand for bluegrass far outstrips supply in Portland. Additionally, with Project Pabst and MusicFest Northwest noticeably missing this year, the inaugural Strum Fest PDX will offer an experience for local music lovers of all stripes in the heart of the city. 

One unique aspect of Strum Fest PDX as a bluegrass festival is that it will not exclusively present traditional bluegrass bands. Local “newgrass” as well as more traditional acts will host a jam-packed day of music. The evening will culminate with the vocal and instrumental wizardry of visiting Nashville phenoms Kenny and Amanda Smith, and a blues-funk party hosted by local favorites Dirty Revival. This festival should prove to satiate the palette of both the traditionalist bluegrass lover as well as the high energy concert goer.